God is a Geek attends the Xbox Collectives Party

by on November 17, 2009

“The what party?!”, I hear you say. Well to celebrate the launch of Twitter, Facebook, Zune and Last FM on Xbox Live the lovely folks at Microsoft held a party in London last night and the God is a Geek team was invited to join them. There was free booze (oh yes!), free food and “free” music on the menu, the latter of which came in the from of performances from Taio Cruz and Paloma Faith. The God is a Geek team certainly made a huge impression at the party thanks to the live Twitter feeds that were up on the screens around the venue. We also made friends with Mr Jeff Leach and taught him all about the ways of gaming. Hmm, yes the force is strong with that one but much to learn he still has. 🙂

Enough about the social aspect of the party though; do all these new applications really improve Xbox Live?! Well the answer is a yes but most of them are lacking in basic functionality. Take Twitter for example, you can’t actually view any links meaning you can’t view a photo someone might have attached to a tweet. That is a basic  function, I can even do that on my phone! Also with Last FM you can’t listen to a song once you exit to the dashboard. It would’ve been great if you could load up a song or playlist in Last FM and then go into a game but alas such things are not possible. Saying that though the Facebook application is pretty good and it has all the major functions you would expect. I guess you could say these new additions to Xbox Live are nice but once the initial “launch interest” phase is over everyone will just go back to their phones or computers, much more convenient.

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