28 Days Later…

by on December 11, 2009

WOWpurple - PNGNo I am not talking about the award winning British horror film, quite the opposite in fact. With patch 3.3 the lower spire of Ice Crown Citadel was opened up with the rest of the raid dungeon remaining locked. It has been revealed that the Plaguework which is the second section of the dungeon will not open for 28 days.

There was of course questions on the official WoW forums and lead encounter designer Daelo was on hand to respond;

“As noted in game, the release of the Plagueworks in Icecrown Citadel occurs 28 days after patch 3.3.0 was released. After the Plagueworks is available, you will then wait less than 28 days for the next wing to become active. The extended length of the initial 28 day delay is simply due to the timing of the Holidays.”

Once the Plaguework wing is open the next wing will most likely be open within 2 weeks, there are 4 wings in total which means we probably will not see the Arthas encounter until after January.