Ashen Verdict Strength Ring Revealed

by on January 28, 2010

Ice Crown Citadel hit in patch 3.3 and with it brought a new faction in the Ashen Verdict. The Ashen Verdict have some nice reputation rewards in the form of new plans and patterns for all professions but more importantly offer epic rings that can be upgraded as reputation with the faction increases. At launch there were four rings available with stats to please most classes/specs but not all roles were catered for. With no strength ring present Retribution Paladins, Death Knights and warriors had to put up with an Agility ring better suited to Rogues and Hunters.

Blizzard addressed the issue stating that there was a bug with the reputation quest only allowing a total of four rewards. Blizzard said they would look into the issue but made no promises at the time.

It was confirmed last week that a Ashen Verdict strength ring would be available after a minor patch is deployed and on Tuesday Community Manager Zarhym posted details of the elusive strength ring .

At this point no patch is available for live servers but we estimate that the patch will be available next server reset.