Lich King Horse Only For 25 Man Raiders

by on January 29, 2010

Blizzard have released the “Invincible Rising” feature confirming that “Invincible” the undead mount of Arthas will be available for lucky players that can defeat the Lich King on the heroic difficulty setting. What the feature does not explain is the fact that the epic mount will only be available in the 25 man version of the Icecrown Citadel raid dungeon, which of course has lead to some questioning to why this bonus item is not available in the 10 man version and accusations that Blizzard favour the 25 man mode which offers many more rewards than the 10.

Blizzard are pretty good at responding and community manager Cygil was on hand to give this reply to the on going thread: “Blizzard loves 10-person content guilds just as much as we love 25-person content guilds. The reason for having this mount in the 25-person Lich King encounter has to do with maintaining the proper distribution of such awesomeness. If it were available in the 10-person encounter as well, it may become too prolific and lose some of its initial unique qualities.

I have to agree with Cygil as most 25 man raiding guilds tend to run both the 10 and 25 versions of the raid, allowing for multiple opportunities to obtain the mount making it a little too common in the long run. It would seem the simple solution of only allowing one version of the raid to be run per week would stop the larger guilds from farming the lesser content, perhaps something for those guys with the most successful MMO on their hands to think about.