New Splinter Cell: Conviction behind the scenes video

by on December 9, 2009

spclogoThe latest in Ubisoft’s Behind closed doors series of promotional videos has been released for Splinter Cell: Conviction. It’s been titled “The Conspiracy” and focuses on introducing you to the characters that are usually behind the scenes in the Splinter Cell universe. The most interesting of these is Tom Reid, who is now the new head at Third Echelon. He is a no holds barred man who is willing to sacrifice innocent civilians to get the job done. The brief glimpses of the game that are actually shown give the impression that this iteration of the game will be more ‘set-piece’ orientated than those that have come in the past. Be sure to look out for the God is a Geek review of the game coming soon but for now enjoy Ubisoft’s walkthough of the game.

Source: IGN