Peter Dille Predicts PS3 Supremacy in the Long Run

by on February 3, 2010

Once again Sony is talking the talk as SCEA senior VP of marketing Peter Dille stated in an interview with IGN that he is “confident” PS3 will overtake Xbox 360 in worldwide sales within the consoles planned 10-year life-span (he might have a point).

Dille further elaborated by saying “I’m confident we’ll be around in 10 years and I can say that because we’ve done it twice. PS3 will be around in 10 years and probably much longer than that,” and continued to toss mud in the face of Microsoft by giving his impressions on the 360 life cycle. “We can be passionate fans, but I don’t think they’ll be around in 10 years so I’m very confident we’ll pass them within that time frame. We’ve got 31 million [units sold] worldwide right now — they’ve got 39 million [units sold]. I don’t even need to go out 10 years.”

Dille was not done however and went on to say “I’m not going to make any predictions for your interview today other than we’ll pass them, but you look at where we are today and where they are today, and they had an opportunity to sprint as far ahead of us as possible when they had the head start. Well, we’re breathing down their necks and they can see us in the rear-view mirror and it’s not going to take too long to pass them.” Now, that sounds like a prediction to me, how about you?

So there you have it, the mud slinging has begun (Did it ever end though?). In my personal opinion while it is true that the Xbox 360 is unlikely to outlive the PS3, you can’t help but feel an air of arrogance from Sony at times. Alas only time will tell who will become “victorious” but in the mean time it means more great games for all of us.