Ovi Store Gets Angry Birds – Level Pack 1

by on June 2, 2010

iPhone users and N900 sufferers are probably aware of the great little physics based game where birds are flung across levels to extract revenge upon greedy little green pigs. iPhone users should be aware of Angry Birds as it is the number 1 paid iPhone app in the world, coming in at just 59p for users of the apple device with a £2.99 version available for the iPad.

Nokia N900 users today have gained access to the Level Pack 1 which contains an additional 42 levels for the price of £1.50 on the ovi store. Having only had access to the 21 level free version, N900 users are jumping at the opportunity of extra levels and don’t seem to mind the price.

Angry Birds Screen Shots

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I am a N900 user myself and can report that the transaction process is smooth unlocking the extra content in just seconds, a good omen for starved fans of the Nokia tablet hoping to see more quality 3rd party games like Angry Birds hit the platform.

Check out this trailer showcasing some of the great gameplay found in the game.