Phase Two of StarCraft II Beta Will Hit Europe Tomorrow

by on July 9, 2010

Blizzard have announced that the StarCraft II Beta should be up on EU servers by tomorrow morning, ushering in phase two for all European beta testers. Holders of European beta accounts such as myself were wearing smiles two days ago,  the news that the EU version of the StarCraft II client was ready to patch ahead of the US raised an eye brow but the smile was about to be wiped away.

The tables were turned in the early hours of Thursday morning (Wed evening in the US) when phase two was announced on Blizzard forums, phase two was ready but not for the EU. So whilst US testers have been playing StarCraft II all day, Europe has been monitoring the forums looking for answers. An answer finally came tonight, Blizzard poster Xordiah updated the situation.

“Just a quick update on beta for you. We are still in the process of applying the patch to European servers and anticipate that beta phase two will be available late tonight (by the end of the day US time). We’ll provide another update if anything changes. :)”.

If the above statement is not enough then try the one below.

“When I think I’m being clear enough and still there is confusion. So, lets see if this is a bit clearer:

End of the day PDT (don’t believe any team working on StarCraft II has a “We clock out at set time” policy at the moment)
During this night CET (So, if you value your sleep, if all goes as planned you can wake up to play StarCraft – if you are a night owl, you might be able to enjoy the game a bit earlier, but it could very well get quite late)”

So tonight is like xmas eve for some, when you wake up hopefully the beta will be up.