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Gamescom 2010: Tekken X Street Fighter Prototype Screens

by on August 19, 2010

We all know what Kazuya looks like in Street Fighter X Tekken, but what does Ryu look like in Tekken X Street Fighter? If you’ve been wondering what Namco are planning to do with your favourite fighting hobo then these screens from Gamescom might shed some light on proceedings. It’s worth noting that these are prototype screens and the model is far from its final state, this is just a taster of what is to come. So, stop your cries of outrage for a second and be grateful Harada was kind enough to let you see how things are progressing.

Harada has stated that the lighting for the prototype is not finished and that Ryu is currently sporting Paul’s GI instead of his own, but it is definetly intersting to see how they have adapted the Ryu concept to better suit the Tekken world. Now if only they can get the balance of the game right then we can truly sing their praises.

Update – Kazuya was the Tekken character shown off in the Street Fighter X Tekken promotional material and not Jin. Apologies for the mistake, it has now been corrected.

A Ryu in Paul clothing.

Ryu looking like the hobo that he is.