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Nintendo Strives to Make Gaming More Socially Acceptable

by on August 9, 2010

President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata has stated in the big “N’s” anuual report that they do not consider their mission to make gaming more socially acceptable complete until it rivals other forms of entertainment such as TV, sports and films in terms of acceptance.

“When we look at how video games have been accepted in society, what we call “social acceptance of video games,” it seems the public perception towards video games has significantly improved over the past years,” said Iwata. “However, it is our belief that there are still plenty of things for us to tackle to improve the social acceptance of video games to the level of other general forms of entertainment such as TV, movie, music and sports.”

If your thinking this is the perfect time to talk up Nintendo’s upcoming hardware release then your not alone because Mr Iwata thought so too and continues on to say:-

“Nintendo will try to further the penetration of Wii by encouraging communication in the living room of each household through continuous software launches which will positively surprise consumers with brand new gameplay,” continued Nintendo’s boss. “In addition Nintendo will release the Nintendo 3DS that allows people to play in 3D without the need for any special glasses, and will strive to satisfy more people by offering innovative gameplay with Nintendo 3DS.”

So are we to expect the odd gem accompanied by monotonous amounts of shovelware in usual Nintendo fashion? Who knows, but judging by the GodisaGeek teams impressions at E3 the Nintendo 3DS should be a smash hit at least.