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Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton Go Head-to-Head

by on October 20, 2010

In a puzzling move (groan), Level-5 and Capcom have joined forces to announce upcoming title Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney, which will see the eponymous Professor clashing with Phoenix Wright. Ace Attorney creator Takumi Shuu will be leading development and writing on the title, which promises to be a combination crime mystery and puzzle game. Akihiro Hino – President of Level-5 – likened the meeting of the two handheld heavyweights to that of an anime crossover, with two cartoon worlds meeting.

The game features a case called “The Trial of the Witch” and is set in a medieval location called Labyrinth City. The villain has been named the “story teller”, with whatever he writes becoming reality. Both series have been huge successes on the Nintendo DS, so it comes as no surprise that this game will find it’s home on the new 3DS system. You can therefore expect to see that courtroom drama really jump off the screen at you! In addition to that, the next game in the core Professor Layton series was unveiled as Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, due for release on 3DS next year.

Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney is in development for Nintendo 3DS. There is no solid release timeframe as of yet.

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