The Gunstringer – Screenshots & Demo Video

by on February 26, 2011

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft held a showcase event on friday, and Twisted Pixel were at the event to give a demo of their upcoming Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive title, The Gunstringer.

The fifteen minute video shows a lot of what The Gunstringer is about as well as displaying the famed Tiwsted Pixel sense of humour.

“We at Twisted Pixel are pleased to be in attendance to demo our latest announced Kinect title “The Gunstringer”.  The Gunstringer features a skeleton cowboy marionette seeking vengeance on his old posse who shot him in the back and left him for dead.

At the Showcase event, press will be able to puppeteer The Gunstringer through the Prologue and first act of the Classic Western play for an introduction to the Kinect mechanics and style of the game, along with our twisted take on a classic spaghetti-western themed revenge narrative. The content in the demo accounts for a fraction of the total acts, plays and modes in the overall game.”

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The Gunstringer is an Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive title due for release in 2011.