Impressive Trailer For New Zombie Game Dead Island

by on February 17, 2011

This morning an intruiging and gruesome trailer for new Zombie Survival-Horror title Dead Island is sweeping through the online gaming community. The game is being developed by Techland – who are based in Poland and have previously worked on the Wild-West Call of Juarez shooter series and most recently off-road racing game Nail’d. The video has received a mixed response from gamers – some of whom are sceptical as the trailer is comprised entirely of pre-rendered video, with no gameplay footage shown.

Despite this, the trailer has begun to gather some interest for the game, of which little was previously known. Set on a Tropical Island getaway, the game will play out in a sandbox format – based around surviving in a zombie-infested environment. The team state it will play in first-person view, but will feature role-playing elements – none of which have been revealed yet. The game takes influence from the films of George A. Romero and will be story-driven.

In the same way as the Left 4 Dead games, this title will also feature four-player co-operative play, with drop-in / drop-out functionality employed and several playable characters to choose from. Melee fighting will be the main focus – more akin to Dead Rising – but it has yet to be discussed to what extent guns will feature.

It definitely looks exciting, and a realistic take on the genre, but with no gameplay footage to take into account yet it is too early to tell if this will be a serious contender to the Left 4 Dead crown. But it s certainly shaping up to be one to watch closely. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in our forums:

Dead Island is due for release in 2011, but there is no confirmed timeframe. It is currently planned to be made available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Source: IGN.com