Call Of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Goes Live On PS3

by on March 4, 2011

After its release on Xbox LIVE back in February, Activision can now happily announce that the Call Of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Multiplayer map pack is now also available for download to PlayStation 3 users over the PlayStation Network. Microsoft have a deal in place for two years worth of exclusive DLC for Call Of Duty titles, so PS3 gamers had to wait again for this map pack to go multi-format. PC owners will also be getting the pack this month, but no firm date has yet been announced.

The First Strike pack is made up of 5 new maps, which includes four regular multiplayer maps and one new Zombie mode map. These five new locations are:

Berlin Wall – which features combat on both sides of the historic piece or architecture

Discovery – where battle commences on a desolate, frozen German outpost in Antarctica

Kowloon – set in Hong Kong, where fighters struggle in the pouring rain over rooftops in the sea of high-rise towers

Stadium – which is a tightly-packed map set in an Ice Hockey Arena

Ascension – the Zombie map, which is set in an abandoned Soviet missile launch facility.

Check out the two new trailers for the map pack below. The first shows “Ascension”, the second looks at “Berlin Wall”:

The map pack was released for PlayStation 3 (priced at £11.49) on March 3rd and the PC version will be released soon. You can hear the GodisaGeek.com thoughts on Black Ops by listening to our “BlopsCast” here.