Celebrate Starpoint Gemini’s Gold Status With A New Trailer

by on March 10, 2011

To celebrate the fact that Tactical Space RPG Starpoint Gemini has gone gold and entered the manufacturing process ready to make it’s way to you, Iceberg Interactive and LGM Games have released a brand new trailer for the game.

Starpoint Gemini is a tactical space RPG set in a science-fiction universe, which focuses on the control and strengths of individual vessels and their captains. Players can travel the rich vastness of the Gemini star system freely, fight skirmishes with rogue ships, trade commodities, research anomalies, buy new vessels, upgrade their ships with state-of-the-art technology, increase their experience and rank to become more powerful and ultimately use all that in large scale engagements against other fleets of hostile ships.

Players re-emerge into the star system of Gemini after having been trapped in the so-called Stasis rift anomaly for over twenty years. Unaware of the passage of time, they find Gemini and everything they knew changed beyond recognition. The events that took place two decades ago closed the Gateway to Gemini, and thereby practically sealed the star system off from the rest of the universe. Isolation and unforeseen technological advancement due to the appearance of countless anomalies have turned Gemini to a place of political intrigue, greed and lust for power. The fate of Gemini has been shaped and the time for reckoning has almost comeā€¦

Gemini is a dangerous place with riches waiting to be claimed by the most daring and capable of captains and can be pre-ordered now, complete with free delivery, from http://www.iceberg-shop.com/starpoint-gemini.html and will be available across UK, Benelux and Scandinavian territories from 25 March 2011.

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