Hulk Hogan’s Main Event Announced For Kinect

by on May 31, 2011

Majesco Entertainment have jubilantly announced a new partnership between their company and TNA’s professional wrestling legend, Hulk Hogan. The former WWF/WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Champion has joined forces with Majesco, and this new tag team plans to release a new video game, entitled Hulk Hogan’s Main Event, which is being developed exclusively for Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360. The game is currently slated to step into the ring for a retail release date sometime this autumn.

Developed by the team at Panic Button LLC, this new grappling game will allow fans of the sport to train alongside the biggest icon in professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan. No other wrestler captures the imagination quite as much as the Immortal one. The aim of the game will be for players to build up their own wrestling personalities and learn the art of showmanship to win over the crowd – so the game sounds that it will be a combination of fitness title and acting class. With the aid of the Kinect sensor, the game will measure the performance of the user and give feedback.

Jesse Sutton, the Chief Executive of Majesco Entertainment gushed that “Hulk Hogan is much more than a wrestling star; he’s a sports entertainment icon with a huge personality, a massive following on Spike’s IMPACT WRESTLING, and immediate recognition across generations of fans… Partnering with the Hulkster for Hulk Hogan’s Main Event is a dream come true and we’re looking forward to releasing a no holds barred motion-based experience that offers a full suite of over-the-top moves.”

The Hulkster will act as your teacher in the game, as players are taught how to reproduce famous Hulk Hogan poses for the crowd and then move on to going through an arsenal of more than 30 punishing combos of moves. The Kinect sensor will track the movement of gamers and reward them more point depending on how flamboyant and energetic they are. With the help of a full create-a-wrestler feature, players take their first steps in bringing a new wrestling star to the world, all the way down to adding their own unique entrance music. Add in to the mix a variety of venues to wrestle in, which include a backyard brawl, local gym and giant stadium, and there are a lot to explore. Even two player tag-team is available where two users can tag in and take turns to punish their foes – which can also be done with some of the weapons which can be found and utilised – including such wrestling staples as steel chairs and ladders.

It will be interesting to see how the game plays when it is released later this year, but in the meantime – make sure you say your prayers and eat your vitamins, or Hulkamania will run wild on you!

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Hulk Hogan’s Main Event will be released on Kinect for Xbox 360 this autumn.