The Gunstringer – New Screenshots & More On It Coming To Retail

by on June 15, 2011

In our recent E3 preview of The Gunstringer, we brought you the news that it was no longer going to be a download only title, and instead would be coming to retail, as a standard boxed Kinect title. Well, along with some new screenshots, we have a little more information on how and why the decision was made to go disc-based.

“The ball got rolling at an executive retreat where The Gunstringer was made available to some pretty important people, including Steve Ballmer,” said Twisted Pixel CEO, Michael Wilford. “We were stoked to hear shortly afterwards that everyone loved the game and wanted to give it bigger exposure in the retail market.”

It was also revealed that The Gunstringer will get its launch this September, in time for the holidays. “This is our first retail title, so we’re putting everything we have into making it awesome,” says Twisted Pixel’s game director, Josh Bear. “We worked with Microsoft to get the time we needed to take the design in some ambitious directions that weren’t going to be possible before. We were already excited about the game, but now we’ve able to do even more with it.”

On the E3 show floor, Twisted Pixel unveiled a new play called “The Big Easy Reckoning” that takes place in the Southern bayou. Players got their first look at several more aspects of gameplay, including dual gun shootdowns, side scrolling platform action, and even a flashback sequence into the Gunstringer’s flesh-and-blood past. More details will be revealed as The Gunstringer nears completion.

Oh and the box art is just a place holder, but we thought we’d share it anyway!

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The Gunstringer is set for a September release, only for Xbox 360 with Kinect.