Jimmy And Billy Lee Kick 3DS Ass As Double Dragon Attacks Ninty eShop

by on June 22, 2011

Last week we had the very pleasant Donkey Kong Game Boy jaunt, this week prepare to be transported back to 1990 as Arc System works unleash a conversion of Technos Game Boy version of classic scrolling fighter Double Dragon. Evoking memories of this correspondents local Chinese takeaway which housed a Double Dragon cab when he was a kid, this looks like a quality diversion and is only a couple of quid.

Also on eShop this week is excellent Game Boy title Radar Mission, which brings Battleships-esque fun to the palm of your hand, which should appeal to fans of the recent Steel Diver.

Meanwhile, DSiWare fans will be able to get their hands on puzzle shooter Delbo, and Just Sing! 80s Collection, and Wii owners can grab a free demo of clunkily named Nyxquest: Kindred Spirits, which sounds a bit like a Kid Icarus knockoff for our liking.

Anyway, official blurb from Nintendo is below, enjoy this weeks offerings!

22th June 2011: Enjoy the recent arrival of Mario, Donkey Kong and Pokémon on the newly launched Nintendo eShop. Double Dragon has now been made available to download and play on your Nintendo 3DS. This latest Game Boy classic joins an array of new downloadable content on the eShop, while the Nintendo DSi Shop and Wii Shop Channel are also both bursting at the seams.

In this side-scrolling beat ‘em up, originally released in 1990 for Game Boy, Jimmy and Billy Lee take on the rival gangs at their own game using jumps, punches, kicks and more. Fight your way through the gangs’ turf to save the kidnapped girl Marian. You can download this timeless game Double Dragon on Virtual Console for Nintendo 3DS to enjoy the nostalgic and energetic fighting action for the first time on your Nintendo 3DS.

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