Kut Down Kosts With The Mortal Kombat Season Pass On Xbox 360

by on June 20, 2011

As seems to be the trend lately – following on from the Rockstar Pass for L.A. Noire, NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have put together a Mortal Kombat Season Pass, which is intended to allow fans of the fighting game to pre-purchase all of the forthcoming DLC characters in one go, at a reduced price, compared to purchasing them one-by-one. The new pass is going on sale today – just in time for the release of the first add-on character – Skarlet – who will be available to download from June 21st.

After that, there are three more fighters planned for release. They are; Kenshi, Rain, and an as of yet un-named first-time entrant to the Mortal Kombat tournament. All four new warriors feature fully move sets, a ladder arcade story ending cutscene and two fatalities to punish your foes with. The new Season Pass enables gamers to buy all four of these Kombatants as a package for 1200 Microsoft Points, whereas upon release, the fighters will cost 400 Microsoft Points each – so by making use of the pass, you could buy four characters for the price of three! The new warriors will be released throughout the summer and will automatically unlock for those who have pre-bought the Season Pass.

So that players who don’t purchase the new fighters will be able to play against them online, NetherRealm will also be releasing a series of free compatibility packs  – one for each new warrior. This is required if you want to fight online, and to make the deal all the more sweet, the developers have decided to add a few freebies into the mix. Each compatibility pack will come with two free klassic character skins, for players to customise their fighters with. Upon the release of Skarlet for instance, Cyrax and Sektor will get a new skin each, inspired by those seen in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. As these packs are a requirement to go online, all Mortal Kombat players will receive the new skins, whether they purchase the new fighters, or not.

Important: The Mortal Kombat Season Pass is only available to Xbox LIVE users. PlayStation 3 users can buy the individual DLC warriors at the full price of £3.19, whilst the compatibility packs, and the klassic skins will remain free.

Mortal Kombat is available now for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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