New PS3 Model Announced

by on June 20, 2011

Next year is 2012 and, if you believe in crazy hokum, whacked-out mystic nonsense and Roland Emmerich, then you will know that the the world is going to end with a spectacular environmental disaster.

Clearly conscious of this and keen to avoid it, Sony has announced a new “lighter, greener” model of PlayStation 3.

The new 320GB sku will be 0.4kg lighter than the current slim and will see power consumption cut from 230W to 200W. There will also be some small changes to the buttons on the front of the console and the LED lamps.

While this nice piece of consumer electronics might not be able to ward off the pending apocalypse, it will certainly spend its time looking cool. Namco Bandai is planning a special edition Tales of Xillia X version of this new PS3 and it does look pretty spiffy.

Sadly for the time being it seems that this new PlayStation 3 model is going to only be available in Japan, though in a message to CVG detailing bringing the model to Europe, Sony UK have said that they have nothing to share “at this time”, thus leaving the door open for an eco-warrior PS3 with cool manga tattoos to arrive on our shores sometime in the future.

Whilst the special edition consoles are all well and good, it is good to see Sony is actually trying to refine their hardware as well as just draw pretty patterns on it. Low power PS3 will actually save you money on your electricity bill (not much, but it all helps) and, when coupled with the nice “more eco-friendly” tag, it would certainly be a welcome addition to the line-up of PS3 models available in Europe.

Source: CVG