Go On Safari With New Map For Flight Control HD

by on July 21, 2011

At GodisaGeek we have played almost every version of Flight Control, on every platform imaginable. The highly-addictive airfield management and strategy game sees players guiding their aircraft in to land, whilst making sure their flightpaths don’t cross and trying to avoid crashes. Well now, exclusively to the Mac App store version of Flight Control HD, there is a new free update that will include two new achievements to be gained in-game, as well as another new airfield to tackle – the Safari Airfield.

In this map, players can take snapshots of the roaming wildlife to gain bonus points, simply by flying over the top of them with any of their aircraft. Gamers will be rewarded with one bonus point for every elephant, buffalo, hippo and zebra they snap, whereas three points will be gained by crossing paths with a lion.

For those of you who like to garner achievements, the two new ones are:

  • Lion Pride: Photograph 20 or more lions on the Safari Airfield.
  • Shutterbug: Fly through all six photo points and land safely on the Safari Airfield using a single aircraft.

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Flight Control and Flight Control HD are available on a wide range of platforms including PlayStation 3, iOS, Nintendo DSiWare, iPad and Windows Phone 7. It was released on PC & Mac via Steam on November 18th. GodisaGeek reviewed Flight Control HD and gave it a very favourable 9/10 for Playstation 3 here.

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