Spy Mouse Risked It All To Bring Us A Secret Message – A New Gameplay Trailer

by on August 3, 2011

Agent Squeak risked teeth and tail to recover this highly-prized morsel of intelligence from the clutches of his clawed foes; just for us.

What lies inside this mysterious package? Could it be a miraculous formula to transmute air to cheese? Or perhaps blueprints for cat-kind’s kryptonite, the laser pen?

All the message seems prepared to divulge is that it may or may not be the first-ever gameplay trailer for SPY mouse.

There was also the chance that, when opened, the message contained the following facts:

  • Master 72 challenging levels and venture through 6 worlds of tasty adventure
  • Confound and confuse devious henchcats and their dangerous contraptions
  • Snack on chillies for timely speed boosts, thwart hazards with mechanical mice and launch SPY mouse intoplaces strategic with the all-mighty mouse cannon!

Spy Mouse is currently due for release on iOS devices this summer.

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