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Ubisoft Announce The Uplay Passport

by on July 21, 2011

Over the past year or so we’ve seen more and more companies adopt the practice of including a code within the box of a new video game which unlocks some part of the game; these are usually the online portions of those games. We recently heard that Sony plan to implement their own coding system and now Ubisoft are here with their own.

Ubisoft today revealed Uplay Passport, a new program designed to provide players with access to bonus content, exclusive offers, and online multiplayer play. Uplay Passport is an adjunct to Uplay, an in-game service that offers gamers extra value, including a bevy of rewards and community features, just for playing Ubisoft games. The Uplay Passport program will begin in the coming months and will be included in many of Ubisoft’s popular core games.

In each new copy of a Uplay Passport-enhanced game will be a one-time use registration code that, when redeemed, provides access to Uplay Passport content and features. The code can be found on the insert card inside the game box. Gamers can identify Uplay Passport-enhanced games by looking for the logo on the back of the box.

Customers who’ve acquired a pre-owned game can purchase a new Uplay Passport online for 800 points or £7.99 and automatically unlock the game’s online content and features. Starting with the upcoming Driver San Francisco release, games featuring the new Uplay Passport will offer gamers exclusive bonus content plus access to online features.

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