More Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Celebrations with The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

by on September 13, 2011

Nintendo at this moment is akin to an out of sorts mother who is trying to win the love of its child (that’s you!) by buying it awesome gifts. While this isn’t the best parenting technique, we have to say, we are finding it rather hard not to fall into the trap.

Following the announcement at their E3 press conference, Nintendo have announced the release date for The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords on the Nintendo DSiWare store. The download will be available from 28th September 2011 for Nintendo DSi/DSi XL and Nintendo 3DS owners for a limited amount of time. Giving you and three other friends a chance to relive a reworked version of this great title again. To sweeten the deal, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords will come with two extra newly themed areas, unlockable Master Sword (hurricane spin included, albeit unlocked separately) and an all new single player mode.

To round things off, in November, select retailers across Europe will also carry a limited-edition Prepaid Card to highlight the series’ 25th anniversary. The card that can be used in the Nintendo eShop of the Nintendo 3DS system, the Wii Shop Channel or Nintendo DSi Shop, features Link battling Ganon. Two yet to be confirmed additional designs will also be available.

Free Zelda always makes us happy, so in closing we would like to declare our love for Nintendo. We love you!…No, really we do!


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