VidZone for PlayStation 3 Revamp Launched

by on November 9, 2011

Sony have revealed a brand new look for VidZone, the free music video service which is available on the PlayStation 3. Launched today, the revamped VidZone has several new elements including improved navigation, which makes it easier to find the song you want from the 40,000-plus videos on offer.

Other new features include ‘Zones’, where instead of browsing through thousands of videos users can head to a Zone which suits their musical taste. Examples of Zones include the Rock-Zone, Hip-Hop Zone and Live Zone, and each Zone contains music videos that are categorised by the genre or theme of that Zone. In addition, the VIP Zone features playlists by popular artists such as Blink 182, The Saturdays and Big Sean. (Is it wrong I’ve never heard of ‘Big Sean’? He sounds more like a club bouncer than a music artist, but then again I’m not really down with ‘the kids’ these days.)

If none of these pre-made Zones appeal to you then the ‘My Zone’ feature might be just what you’re looking for. Here, users can create a customised library of the music they like and then head straight into their content direct from the VidZone home screen.

As if this wasn’t enough, VidZone now contains Facebook intergration so you can share your love of Steps with all your Facebook friends, as well the ability to invite your PSN friends into VidZone so they can join you in an impromptu Queen karaoke session.

In terms of improved navigation VidZone offers the following: an optimised search which produces shortcuts to popular content; a ‘similar artist’ function, which makes finding new videos and artists easier; and a progressive search feature that displays artist and videos by just typing a few letters, with the search becoming more defined as more letters are typed. A new playlist generator, called ‘V-Mix’, will play music videos by artists and bands that are similar to what the user is currently watching.

Adrian Workman, CEO of VidZone, had this to say about the relaunch of Vidzone:

“We’ve listened to the VidZone community and have gone back to the drawing board, rebuilding the service to make finding and enjoying music videos an intuitive, more enjoyable experience.”

The redesigned VidZone is available for download now on the PlayStation Store for free. Those who have already installed the application simply need to boot it up from the XMB to enjoy the new features.

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