CRUSH3D Launch Trailer Released, Brains Begin to Ache

by on January 14, 2012

CRUSH3D-Launch-Trailer-Released-Brains-Begin-to-AcheAt first glance, you may not be all that familiar with the title for the latest Nintendo 3DS release from SEGA, CRUSH3D. However, if you’ve owned a PSP at some point there’s a chance you may have played its older brother, Crush.

SEGA have recently released the launch trailer for the latest version of the game, which looks as mind-bending as ever. In CRUSH3D you still play as a young lad walking around a maze-like world, only now the 3D element of the Nintendo 3DS add even more to the puzzle nature of the game.

With the touch of a button you can switch between 2D and 3D worlds, allowing you to solve puzzles that seemed impossible otherwise. The PSP version was good fun, if rather difficult after a while, and the GodisaGeek review of CRUSH3D is in progress, we’ll have our verdict for you soon. Until then however, take a look at the launch trailer and try and get your head around the possibilities.

CRUSH3D is out now exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.