Final Fantasy XIII-2: Time Travel Trailer

by on January 18, 2012

Final-Fantasy-XIII-2-Time-Travel-TrailerIn a series of videos being released by Square Enix, the latest shows off the feature of Time Travel, and the effects it has in the game.

A feature usually either avoided or heavily featured, the mechanic in Final Fantasy XIII-2 seems to be integral to the main storyline, being able to visit parts of the future once a Time Gate appears in that area. Upon your actions in the present, time will change accordingly.

As such, it would be wise to continually visit these points throughout the game, allowing you to see the differences your actions have on fate itself.

On top of this, a Final Fantasy XIII-2 playable demo is now available in both the Xbox 360 Marketplace and the Online Playstation Network Store. So what are you waiting for? Check out the trailer below and get a dose of some Final Fantasy magic.