First Teaser Trailer Online for new Adventure Game Deponia

by on January 11, 2012

Deponia TrailerThe award-winning development team behind such Adventure Games as Edna & Harvey and The Whispered World have teamed up with Publisher Lace Mambe Global to bring gamers their latest title, Deponia.

The team have released the very first footage of the game in a new teaser trailer that has gone live today. It may be in German, but gamers can get an idea for the kind of sense of humour to expect from the title – showing a classic cartoon style. The game is a comedy, where the protagonist Rufus lives on the garbage planet Deponia.The game will be released in the second quarter of 2012 for Windows PC.

An official website for the game just recently opened too, which includes a gallery of images from the title, some background on the story and media downloads to enjoy (again, some German-language to navigate, but it also has English content). The title looks like a good, old-fashioned Adventure, with a wacky comic twist. Watch this space for more news on the title as it develops.

Rufus, one of the playable main characters, is not a pleasant guy. Ill-tempered and entirely too convinced of his own greatness, he lives at the edge of a small settlement somewhere in the most remote sector of the garbage-covered planet Deponia. He dreams of a better life in the floating cities of wealth and beauty high above the planet surface. When the angelic Goal falls from these privileged spheres down into a neighbouring trash heap, Rufus sees his chance. He decides to bring the unconscious beauty back to her home. Only a vague hope of making it off Deponia at first, he soon formulates an unscrupulous plan, as he learns that he is a dead ringer for Goal’s upper-class husband. The planned handover is only the beginning of a wild chase across Deponia full of twists, turns and mystifying mix-ups…

Check out the first Teaser Trailer below:

Lace Mamba Global will release Deponia on PC in Q2 2012.