Skylanders Giants Coming Later This Year. Yay!

by on February 7, 2012

Skylanders Giants Coming Later This Year. Yay!You have to hand it to Activision. They really know how to create a frenzy with regard video game peripherals. Last year, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure came out and sold gangbusters. It was the number one, best-selling kids’ franchise in 2011 across the globe and the best selling new IP in North America last year, according to The NPD Group, Charttrack and GfK. What happens when a game is successful? Why, there’s a sequel soon after of course!

Skylanders Giants is scheduled to release this Autumn, as announced today. It will have 16 new characters; 8 Giants and 8 regular Skylanders. The Giants are bigger in physical and in, in-game size, than their OG comrades. However, those with the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” bug don’t have to worry as you will be able to use the characters from the first Skylanders in Giants. Other advancements in the series include; more gameplay options and more arenas in Battle Mode, enhanced Elemental Zones and new Hero Challenges.

So, they’ve dropped the “Spyro”. This isn’t surprising really. Skylanders was such a hit that it can stand on its own two feet without the little, purple, Elijah Wood voiced dragon in the title.