Worms Revolution to Feature Character Classes

by on May 2, 2012

Worms-Revolution-to-Feature-Character-ClassesIt seems Worms Revolution will live up to its name, with Team17 announcing the game will feature character classes.

The worms in Revolution will come in 4 different flavours, The Soldier, The Heavy, The Scientist, and The Scout. 16 Worms in total will mean players can choose the exact mix they want, whether it be a team of 4 Soldiers, 1 of each etc.

Each classes will have its own finely balanced strengths and weaknesses:

The Soldier

The Soldier is like the standard worm from the previous Worms games, and is the most well rounded worm in the game. The Soldier is good at attacking and getting around the landscape, though he is not specialised in any particular area.

The Scout

The Scout is a more agile class, moving faster than the other classes and jumping higher and further, but this is balanced against his weak attack power. His small size presents him as a slightly smaller target and his light weight means he can fall further without taking damage.

The Heavy

This worm is the largest and most powerful worm in the game, but he’s severely limited when it comes to getting around the landscape and he also makes for the biggest target, meaning he’s easier to hit than the other worms.

The Scientist

The Scientist plays a support role. His physical attributes make him both weaker and slower than the standard Soldier worm, but for every turn that the Scientist takes he raises the health of the entire team. The Scientist is able to build stronger items, such as Sentry Guns and Electromagnets.

It is obvious Worms Revolution is going to be a bold step for the series and in truth, one it desperately needs. The addition of classes opens up a whole new world of tactics for Worms players to get their head around, and will no doubt be welcomed by fans.

Worms Revolution will be available in Q3 2012 on consoles and PC.