Activision Leeds to Develop All Future Handheld Call of Duty Titles

by on July 6, 2012

Activision-Leeds-to-Develop-All-Future-Handheld-Call-of-Duty-TitlesNewly formed studio Activision Leeds will be handling all handheld Call of Duty titles going forward.

According to Andy Payne, chairman of UKIE, Activision Leeds are the latest in a long line of studios to be enlisted into the Call of Duty series.

Speaking to VideoGamer, Payne stated:

I have to be careful what I say about these guys because I know them so well and they’ll cane me. But Activision are a machine. They’re very good, what people don’t realise with Activision is, the two studios working on the Call of Duty franchise are collaborative studios. That’s unheard of. All the assets are reusable, so they’re not wasting time.

The two studios are saying, ‘I need a tank, pull it off from the library’. And those assets are also going to be starting to be used by the mobile team, which is going to be based in Leeds.

Activision has so far declined to comment.

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