Drox Operative: Video Preview

by on August 19, 2012

Drox Operative is an interesting little game that we recently had the pleasure of playing. It’s basically an action-RPG set in the lonely wastes of space. You and your ship are left to wander the vast expanses looking for quests to complete from the couple of nearby planets that you’ll come across.

Think of it as a sort of Diablo in space, except in this case, you don’t have the paths and roads that would normally guide you from town to town; you’ve got to find all that yourself. Drox Operative is also a little unforgiving at times, if you misjudge an area as you enter it you could find yourself dead within a matter of seconds. Careful planning and execution are the order of the day, almost from the moment you start the game up for the first time.

If that already doesn’t sound interesting enough for you to head over to the Soldak Entertainment website and lay down your cash on pre-ordering the game (which, when you pre-order, you’ll get the latest build of the game. So while the game technically isn’t out, you can still play) then maybe a little video preview of the game will do the trick? We’ve got you covered:

Drox Operative is due to be released “when it’s done”, however, as previously mentioned, if you pre-order the game (for 25% off the price it’s going to be when it’s released), you’ll get the latest build of the game so you can start furiously clicking that mouse button almost immediately.