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First 20 Minutes: Tiny Troopers

by on September 8, 2012

A short while ago a code for a brand new mobile game crossed my Mobile Monday desk. That game, developed by Kukouri, was Tiny Troopers and was quite an addictive little game that was given an 8/10. It always seemed to be a game that would be will suited to a PC, where the aiming and shooting would feel a whole lot more natural, and thanks to a partnership with Iceberg Interactive Tiny Troopers is finally getting that chance to shine.

Tiny Troopers is completely controlled by the mouse at the moment of writing, although the developers have acknowledged the community’s request for typical PC W,A,S,D keyboard inputs and are working on adding them to the game. We showed you the game when it was just a simple little iOS game so we thought it was only fair that we gave you another look now that it’s made its way to Steam.

Tiny Troopers is available now via Steam and through the usual online retailers such as Amazon.

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