The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Hearthfire, Diary of a Dovahkiin

by on September 29, 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire, Diary of a DovahkiinHave you ever wondered what the life of Asia the Dragonborn is like when she isn’t killing dragons and shouting bandits into tiny little pieces, or off a cliff? Read our review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and our review of the first DLC, Dawnguard, then, after they’ve settled down with a house and a family in the latest DLC Hearthfire, come and read the Dovahkiin’s first ever diary.

Day 1:

When I woke up, my hands were still squeezing that note that I took out of the assassin’s hands yesterday. I was angry that someone wanted to kill me… again. This Dark Brotherhood is becoming more and more annoying. I’ve been in Skyrim for about two months now and I managed to become the Thane of about five holds, helped dozens of people but somehow I always manage to step on someone’s toe. This assassin was pathetic. Saw him coming from about 25 feet. A quick arrow in his left eye socket solved the problem once and for all. I burned the note. They won’t send another one for at least two weeks. I am almost at the very top of the Thieves Guild and I know that even the Dark Brotherhood’s resources are limited. Throwing cheap beggars with a kitchen knife would be like them throwing their gold at me.

I just don’t feel perfectly safe any more. I know that these houses that I got as the Thane of some holds, have many ears. I trust my houscarls and some friends from the Thieves Guild enough but I cannot trust anyone else. There’s too much at stake…

Skyrim: Hearthfire - Screenshot 01

Day 2:

I met a little girl in Whiterun called Lucia. She’s a beggar. Wasn’t always one though. Apparently her parents died and her uncle and aunt inheriting the land and farm deemed her useless and threw her out. I gave her some money. I don’t even have a husband. Ah… useless thoughts…

Day 3:

Now, I did it… I am most probably out of my mind. Being a slave of some Hargraven or an evil mage. I saw Lucia today. She looked so resourceful, she bought bread, a rabbit leg and some vegetables as well as a sweet roll from all the money I gave her. She portioned everything nicely so it will last longer. I adopted her today. I simply just couldn’t stand watching her sit there alone and frightened. Am I getting old?

Day 4:

Got some good news from Proventus Avenicci that I can re-model my house and change my alchemy lab into a children’s bedroom. The works won’t take long as it just needs some re-arranging. Lucia is very lovely but I can see that she’s not comfortable yet.

Day 5:

More good news, I received a letter from Falkreath that the Jarl needs my help and in exchange he can make me his Thane and will allow me to buy my own land and build my own house on it. I’ll head there first thing tomorrow. Lydia can take care of Lucia for now. This could be my chance to create a proper home for my new family.

Skyrim: Hearthfire - Screenshot 02

Day 6:

A menial task but it needs to be done. Quick and easy. No one will know that I was there. Got some nice loot too. A strange box of some kind. I wonder what secret item belongs in it…

Day 7:

Today I bought my own land. I have all the basic preparations done and I will start the construction tomorrow morning. I bought the materials that I will need to build a small cottage which will be available to turn into an entry hall later. I want to be able to live here for a little while as soon as it’s finished so I can keep adding the extensions to it without having to travel a lot. I bought a huge amount of wood from the nearest sawmill and made nails, fittings and hinges at the blacksmith after he showed me how to. Other materials were already accumulated so I’ll start tomorrow.

Day 9:

It took only two days to get the walls up. We need a roof and I’m ready to furnish my new home.

Day 12:

I have everything set and I am ready to build a main hall and new bedrooms tomorrow. I have so many ideas. Today I built a smelter, a garden and a stable for a horse. The new materials will arrive tomorrow.

Day 13:

The lumber was supposed to come today. I followed the road that the delivery carriages use. I found blood stains and two bandits who wanted to kill me by raining boulders on me from some sort of tower that they built. Clean headshot to the first and an arrow to the knee for the second so I can question her before I cut her throat. She pointed at a small house nearby then pushed herself off from the bridge that connected the two towers above the road. She landed head first and died instantly. Nocturnal helped me today to dodge a potentially lethal blow from the bandit boss. She was tough for a woman. Now that the balance is restored, I shall receive my supplies tomorrow.

Skyrim: Hearthfire - Screenshot 03

Day 17:

The supplies were top quality and I received more than what I asked for. As a way of appreciation for my actions, I got a surplus of clay too which meant that I completely finished the main hall and some other bits that will allow me to do my gardening, smithing and other past time activities from the comfort of my home. I finished the plans for the side and back extensions. Delivery is due tomorrow and I am confident that it will be easier to finish these.

Day 18:

I decided to start the building of a library, an armoury and extra bedrooms at the same time so the basic structures are finished. My presence attracted a frost spider and a wolf so I dealt with them quickly.

Day 20:

I finished the armoury and the library. The view from the tower is beautiful. Today, I also moved Lucia into the new house and I convinced Lydia to be my housecarl in this new home of mine.

Day 21:

I finished the last bits and pieces, furnished my house and now my new home is finished…