Achievements Anonymous – Hall of Fame #2

by on October 19, 2012

Achievements Anonymous - Hall of Fame #2Here at Achievements Anonymous, we love to celebrate the joy of Achievement and Trophy hunting. We love to see those little messages pop up, and to hear their little jingles. However, every now and then, I like to single out an Achievement/Trophy that is memorable, either due to the actions required in earning it, or the moment in games that the Achievement/Trophy is assigned to.

This week, I turn to an old favourite of mine…

Game: Fallout 3

Achievement/Trophy: Psychotic Prankster

Fallout 3 is a game which brings out the worst in all of us. While the game is drizzled with humour and 50’s sci-fi aesthetics, the Vault Dweller’s journey through the Wastelands can be a pretty bleak experience. Luckily, there are many ways to pass the hours in radiation-soaked Washington, D.C.; but one of the most entertaining is by being a total dick.

It just so happens that this week’s Achievement satisfies the need for schadenfreude in all of us, as well as our love for ‘splosions.

This Achievement requires very little preparation, other than one grenade or landmine and an unsuspecting victim (My choice would be Megaton’s perma-grinned Moira). By sneaking up on an NPC you are able to pick their pockets, but it also works the other way as you are able to give them items this way as well.

What happens when you hand them things that go bang I hear you ask? See the video below for the results:

It’s an easy Achievement to earn, but an amusing one, yes?

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