War is Hella Good in Most Wanted Entertainment’s Thunder Wolves

by on September 8, 2012

War is Hella Good in Most Wanted Entertainment's Thunder WolvesWar games these days often like to boast about their realism, how their themes reflect the brutal realities of war and humanity’s suffering due to devastating conflict. They aim to teach us about morality and mortality, so that we might learn the difference between good and evil and understand the consequences of our actions and the pain we might cause, and realise that when all is said and done, those of us that have sinned will pay the wages of sin.

Yeah, well not so Most Wanted Entertainment’s downloadable chopper sim Thunder Wolves, flying under Ubisoft colours and, judging by this reveal trailer, apparently shot from the same shouty, irreverent gun barrel as Duke Nukem. “Awesome power. Zero accountability,” boasts the short-yet-hugely explodey promo, a statement sure to cause your average knuckle-headed Expendables fan to dribble like an excited chimp at the prospect of destroying countless tiny insignificant bad guys in a colourful display of fire, shrapnel and party-popper-like arterial spray.

Excuse me while I wipe my chin…

You’ll take control of a crack helicopter pilot hired by a group of air-based mercenaries called the Thunder Wolves – you know, the type of private military company that longs to be called to the far corners of the world where no one can count the bodies piling up. Or complain about the noise. If you put Long Tall Sally on with the volume dialled all the way up while playing Thunder Wolves, the world will understand. Mostly.

There are 8 different choppers to unlock and fly, and a variety of meaty weapons to outfit them with, while the goal in each mission seems to be to bring as much noise as possible to the battlefield. Missions will vary between the usual seek & destroy, recon and support/escort detail, and for double the fun you can even play co-op with a friend manning the guns while you get your Airwolf on.

Take a gander at the announcement trailer, and instantly want to shout at terrorists.

Thunder Wolves is being developed by Most Wanted Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, and will be available for download in Q1 of 2013.