Not Had Enough Revenge? Get Some More in the First Add-On Pack for Dishonored

by on October 25, 2012

Not Had Enough Revenge? Get Some More in the First Add-On Pack for Dishonored Revenge usually solves everything. But if it doesn’t, there’s always DLC.

We love Dishonored. Our review and its stonking fat 10/10 score is testament to that, and while its hugely-replayable 12-hour runtime was more than enough to satisfy us, the offer of more is very, very welcome.

Which is why we’re chuffed that Bethesda have announced the first of three upcoming add-on packs.

In “The Dunwall City Trials” pack, you’ll find 10 special challenge maps to tackle freestyle, that will track your performance and display your combat, speed and stealth stats on an online leaderboard. Challenges include a chain of drop assassinations, time trials and a wave-based arena mode. You’ll be slicing, racing and sneaking your way around enclosed areas designed entirely to be sandboxes for your deadly skills – and all to earn bragging rights with your fellow gamers. It’s all rounded off with full trophy/achievement support, and will be available in December for 400 MSP or £3.99.

The second pack focuses in on assassin Daud, one of Dishonored’s more interesting (and underused) supporting characters. In a dark twist, you’ll be playing as Daud through his own set of missions, wielding his unique weapons and powers in a story-driven mini campaign with an outcome dictated by your choices. Daud is unarguably more complex a character than protagonist Corvo, and his story will surely add layers to Dishonored’s sinister steampunk world. The price and title of this – and the third – pack will be announced closer to the release date in Spring next year.

For more info on Dishonored watch our First 20 Minutes here, or visit the official website.