Tile-Matching PlayStation Mobile Game is Revealed as FuturLab’s Next Effort

by on November 28, 2012

Tile-Matching PlayStation Mobile Game is Revealed as FuturLab's Next EffortA few days ago, we were greeted with Velocity developer FuturLab Studios’ theme tune to their next game. Today, we get details on the game which is coming in mid-December. The Brighton based developer has revealed the tile-matching game, Surge. This PlayStation Mobile title looks similar to your regular colour-matching effort that we’ve seen numerous times before, but there is an element of touch involved as you drag electrical currents to blocks to destroy those of the same colour – hence, Surge.

And, there’s a story! Mankind has discovered an energy source that gives off massive electrical power, but pressure levels must constantly be kept in check by destroying blocks. Sure, a story element isn’t needed per se, but a bit of context is nice.

You can have a look at the trailer below and all will become a bit clearer.

Surge will be released on December 12 for PlayStation Vita (via PlayStation Network) and Android 

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