Double Fine’s Prototype Games are now Playable

by on December 17, 2012

Double Fine's Prototype Games are now PlayableDouble Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight is a scheme where the studio allows its developers to split up into smaller groups and work on creative, individual projects. This scheme has now borne fruit, and there are prototype games now available for backers of the project to play and try out, for the five games selected: White Birch, Autonomous, Starbase DF-9, Hack’n’Slash and Black Lake.

It has been reported by Kotaku Australia that the prototype games have gone live to those who have pledged a donation to the project – which is being run in conjucntion with the charity-based Humble Bundle team. Those who donate should gain access to all of the games, however it has been reported that some technical issues are being experienced with the three games Hack n’ Slash, Spacebase DF-9, and Autonomous – so they have been temporarily removed from the site – but players can still try out the other two games, and the issue will hopefully be fixed soon.

As a bonus, backers who pledge more than the average pledge (currently $7.04), will unlock access to a bonus prototype named Brazen. It has yet to be announced when we will find out which game or games will proceed to the next stage, and possibly be developed into a full title. Go here for the official project page.