Ubisoft Release Mobile Companion App for Far Cry 3

by on January 9, 2013

Ubisoft-Release-Mobile-Companion-App-for-Far-Cry-3As if we weren’t all still in love with Far Cry 3 enough, Ubisoft have today released a new mobile companion app for the game called Far Cry Outpost.

But what does it do? I’m glad you asked! The app is designed for multiplayer and co-op players, and allows them to decode the encrypted data found during play, which in turn can get the player advanced weapon mods, and even to customise their loadouts on the go. Furthermore, the app will let you (yes, you!) to track your daily and weekly challenge progress, compare stats with friends and keep track of maps created in the map editors.

Phew! That’s an impressive app.

You can download the app through Google Play, here – or check the iOS link below.

Far Cry The Outpost - Ubisoft

Far Cry 3 is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

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