New Unofficial Video for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

by on January 2, 2013

New Video for The Walking Dead: Survival InstinctThe acclaimed episodic Walking Dead game from Telltale Games isn’t the only video game title to be tied in with the popular franchise.

AMC have licensed their television adaptation of the series to Terminal Reality Games – perhaps most famous for their work on Ghostbusters the Videogame and Kinect Star Wars.

The game will follow characters and the plot from the TV series, rather than the original comics, and will focus on the hunting brothers Daryl (he who totes a Crossbow at all times) and Merle Dixon. The game will eschew the story-driven drama of the Telltale adaptation and instead will be a first-person action/shooter title. VG24/7 have reported a new video from the developers, which shows some of the stealth tactics in the game, when it will be a better idea to quietly pick off Zombies than to go in all guns blazing and alert the horde.

The company want to stress how important it is that they have the Zombies in their title behave just like the ones in the TV show, and it will be interesting to see just how the artificial intelligence – or lack thereof – will work for the undead citizens of the game. See the new gameplay footage in action below:

EDIT: Don’t judge the game too harshly on the video below as it has come out that the video is in fact not an official trailer, instead it is a fan mate edit based on footage sent to IGN. The footage was edited together from this source. (Thanks for the heads up, Penny Arcade Report).

Survival Instinct will release later this year on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.