“We Are Only Limited by Our Imagination” – David Cage on PS4

by on February 21, 2013

French auteur David Cage, designer of Heavy Rain and Beyond, calls Playstation 4 an emotional console.

The designer talked about the evolution of emotion in film, talking about the increased fidelity that every technological upgrade brought with it from black and white to modern day.

This was then likened to game evolution through the ages, referring to the increase in character detail and the enhanced emotion that comes with it.

This was followed by a glimpse of this enhanced detail with a very impressive face render of a old wrinkly chap. Because old wrinkly faces show more graphics.

Prophetic French potato Cage went on to say that the enhanced power of the PS4 means that him and fellow designers can “forget technology limitations and just focus on creating what we want to create.

It was a hugely impressive render – aside from the hair net – and a great indication as to the power of the PS4, and just what that power can mean for the storytelling in its games.