Jazz Based Platformer Headlines The Indie Mash-Up Bundle

by on March 20, 2013

Jazz: Trump’s Journey and StarDrone are yours for donations of £1, with anything above £3.45 unlocking a further six titles.

The other games in the bundle, given to those with deeper pockets, are Tank Universal, Vigil: Blood Bitterness, Chrome, Still Life, Still Life 2 and Crash Time 2.

There are two more titles yet to be announced.

Run by Bundle Stars.com this is not the Humble style of pay what you want to who you want, Bundle Stars instead runs a ‘five percent goes to charity’ system. Just remember that to get more than two games you need to chip slightly more into the pot.

The games on offer all look interesting, Trump’s Journey in particular. Well, Chrome looks a little, yeah, but considering you’re paying the equivalent of a Gregg’s meal deal it isn’t asking much that you take the rough with the smooth. The smooth jazz that is, ho ho! Anywho, trailer showing off the games is below and you can have a look at, and buy the bundle, here.