Plays.tv launching Twitch screen capture plug-in for Chrome today, which credits content creators

by on January 28, 2016

Plays.tv will today launch a new screen capture plug-in for Google Chrome which allows users to capture short clips from Twitch streams and share them online, with the content creator getting fully credited.

With the Plays.tv Chrome Extension, users can capture a 30-second, source-quality video clip of any Twitch livestream moment after it’s happened. The clip can then be trimmed and posted to Plays.tv – with one-click sharing to Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The plug-in aims to combat the amount of uncredited ripping of streams and online videos that occurs on websites such as Twitch and YouTube, giving the power back to the content creator by including their details and links in the short clips. All highlights appear on their profile page, along with videos the streamer personally uploads.

“Anyone who’s ever watched a Twitch stream has seen something incredible that they’ve wanted to replay or share,” said Dennis Fong, CEO and founder of Plays.tv parent company Raptr. “The new Plays.tv Chrome Extension lets anyone do exactly that, while guaranteeing the streamer gets full credit – and coming soon, compensation as well.”

Chrome users can download the plug-in for free here.

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