Pre-order Persona 4: Arena from GAME and Get a 12″ Vinyl of the Soundtrack

by on March 26, 2013

Pre-order-Persona-4-Arena-from-GAME-and-Get-a-12-Vinyl-of-the-SoundtrackSome pre-order incentives are awful. They really, really are. They contain little bits of tat that you’ll look at for two seconds and then throw into the corner, never to be seen again. However, this is a rare example of a pre-order incentive that isn’t half bad.

Exclusive to GAME in the UK, anyone who reserves Persona 4: Arena will get a 12″ record of the Arrange soundtrack, as well as a CD of the Persona 4: Arena OST.

A collector’s item like this will probably end up on eBay after release and will cost a pretty penny, so if you’re interested, I’d suggest you get your skates on and pre-order the game that was released in Japan and North America, twelve months ago.

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Persona 4: Arena will be released on May 10 in Europe and is available now in North America for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3