Quantic Dream Confirm Work on PS4 Title

by on March 22, 2013

Quantic-Dream-Confirm-Work-on-PS4-TitleQuantic Dream have confirmed that work  is currently underway at the studio on a PlayStation 4 title. 

The not exactly Earth-shattering announcement came from proposterously named studio boss Guillaume de Fondaumière, who gave no further details on what exactly the project might be beyond confirmation that it would be in a similar mould to Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

He did however have plenty to say about his company and their attitude towards next gen development.

“Innovation is part of our DNA. We’ve never duplicated ourselves,” he said at an event at the studio’s Paris headquarters. “We never clone ourselves or other people’s projects; we always try to create unique experiences.

“For us, a new console is another reason to try and innovate. What is certain is that whatever we’re working on on PS4 is not going to resemble what we’re doing on PS3… We’re going to try and reinvent ourselves.”

Fondaumiéré also described the development process on PS4 as “very easy” and “incomparable” to development on the PS3.

“We’ll be able to express ourselves in a more straightforward way. So it’s perfect, it’s excellent.”

It is uncomfirmed if the creepy old dude from Quantic Dreams’ PS4 launch event tech demo will take up a starring role in their future project.

We certainly hope not.

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