Killer Is Dead’s Latest Trailer Includes Gigolo Glasses

by on April 30, 2013

The latest trailer for Suda 51’s new game focuses on the ladies in protagonist Mondo Zappa’s life. With sexism still a very hot topic in the video games industry, one can’t help but feel a wee bit uncomfortable whilst watching this snippet of Grasshopper Manufacture’s upcoming PS3 and 360 game.

With a jazzy rendition of Summertime playing in the background, this new video highlights Zappa’s ability to put on a pair of “Gigolo glasses” and see through some lady’s garments. Peculiar.

Looking rather stylish, Killer Is Dead looks interesting. Like pretty much everything Goichi Suda does, this one will no doubt split the audience in true Marmite fashion.

There’s also a part where he’s walking on the moon or something. I dunno…just watch it.

Killer is Dead will be released in August for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

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