Xbox Live Rewards Invites You to Roll With The Punches

by on April 2, 2013

New-Xbox-LIVE-AppsMicrosoft have decided that its Xbox Live Reward program could do with being a little more, well, rewarding, so with that in mind it has launched a series of Play to Earn offers.

Don’t get me wrong, any form of rewards program is fine with us, especially one that promises to give out free swag, but we can probably be excused for calling the current Xbox Live Rewards program a bit stingy.

Luckily someone at Xbox Live HQ agrees with captain cynic over here, and have today launched a couple of more shall we say, achievable reward plans that they are calling Punchcards.

  • Punchcard One: Play 20 hours of any combination of arcade games and you will receive a free avatar item
  • Punchcard Two: Purchase any four arcade games for 400 Microsoft Points or more from Xbox LIVE and you’ll receive a one month Xbox LIVE Gold membership
  • Punchcard Three: Spend 3200 Microsoft Points on arcade games and you’ll receive 800 Microsoft Points in return

If you are a big Xbox Live Arcade gamer, then the above may well be attainable. You’ll need to be an Xbox Live Rewards member to get involved (its free to join), and be sure to get the Punchcards above, err, punched, before the end of April.