Carbine Studios Show Off the Scientist and Settler Paths for WildStar in New DevSpeak

by on May 22, 2013

Those of us that have played an MMO or two will be used to the idea of picking a race and class combination, something the represents us as a player and will see us all the way through (hopefully) to the game’s endgame content. Something that we haven’t seen before is the ability to choose another way to play the game, something which changes the way we experience that game, something Carbine Studios are calling ‘Paths’.

Calvin went into detail about the available Paths that will be coming to WildStar in last week’s episode of Ding! but now you also have the opportunity to watch one of Carbine’s frankly hilarious DevSpeak videos about the content, as well as another video which talks a little bit more about the paths but from an in-game perspective.

Without further ado; VIDEOS!

DevSpeak – Paths

WildStar – Paths

I think you’ll agree that WildStar looks like it’s shaping up to be a pretty impressive game – one that Calvin certainly seemed to like. Let us know what you thought of the videos in the comments below.