New WildStar Developer Diary Discusses Movement

by on May 9, 2013

As a gamer, there are a few games which make me want to play them as soon as I lay eyes on them, increasing that feeling with each trailer that I see.

WildStar, a new MMORPG from Carbine Studios, is one of those games.

As a fan of sci-fi – especially shows such as Firefly which has, what appears to be, a very similar sense of humor to WildStar – I can’t get enough of the content that Carbine Studios are pumping out about their upcoming adventure into the world of MMOs.

One of the most important pieces of information that they’re giving us waiting fans, are the Dev Diaries. Essentially these are small videos that talk about one aspect of the title’s functionality. We’ve had ones on the classes in the game, as well as player-housing, but this latest video is about the one thing that you wouldn’t be playing the game without; movement.

Showcasing important features such as the highly undervalued W, A, S and D keys – something which may seem obvious, but can you imagine NOT having them – as well as additions such as the double jump and the ability to sprint while jumping, it can only open untold possibilities for players wanting to explore the dangerous world of WildStar.

That relatively unique sense of humour is still coming across nice and strong too.

WildStar is set to be released on Windows PC sometime in 2013, although no firm release date has currently been set.